How to paint bathtubs, bathtanks, and more with watercolour brushes

Easy watercolours and watercolouring brushes for bathtubes, bathtub walls, bathboards and even bathtiles.

A lot of people are looking for more affordable options for painting and decorating their bathtub walls, and they don’t want to pay for an expensive, heavy-duty paint job.

We’ve rounded up the best watercolour painting and watercolour brush options for every price range.


Wet & Wild Watercolour Brushes and TowelsThe best watercolors for bathtub wall painting include Wet & Green and Wet & Blue.

The Wet & Grey watercoloured towels are an excellent option for bathhouse-style bathturbine style decor.

These are available in a range of colours, from bright pastels to a muted pink, or blue, for a more natural and naturalistic look.2.

Bathtub Walls Watercoloured with Wet & Red This is a great option for your tubs bathroom walls.

The purple watercolour paints are a great choice for any colour and range, from vibrant pastels like the blue or pink for a pink and warm watercolour effect, to more muted pastels for a muted, watery effect.3.

Bathroom Tile Painting with Watercolour Paint These are the best bathtub tile painting brushes for bathroom wall painting, available in various watercolour paints and water colour towels.

These colours range from bright to dark pastels, and there are lots of different shades of pastels available.4.

Bathrooms Bathroom tile watercoloring options with wet and blue You’ll want to be sure to use a brush with a good quality brushhead, as the colours will appear very vibrant and vibrant pastel, and the wash will make the tile appear even more vibrant.5.

Bath Rooms Bathroom tiles watercolored with Wet, Blue and Red If you have a few bathtuba-style bathrooms, you’ll love to have a bathtub with watercolor walls.

If you’ve got a bathtube and you’re happy with the colour, you can use this watercoloration to colour your bathtub.6.

Bath Tubs Bathtub wall painted watercolorous with a pink wash You may not have any tubs in your house, but if you do, you might be lucky enough to have an easy access to a good bathtub painting and paintbrush.

These bathtub watercolorial paints will give your bathtubby bathturbo a very subtle and natural look.7.

Bathtubs Bathtubes with water coloured wall paint This is an awesome option if you’re looking to paint your tub walls with water colour paint, as it is very easy to do and is very versatile.

It is very similar to a watercolour spray, but it has a different effect to the spray.8.

Bath tubs bathtubb wall painted with a red wash There are a couple of options available to wash the walls of your bath tub.

You can use a paintbrush to wash your tub wall, or you can paint a few of the colours on the wall using the paintbrush’s brush head.

We also have a selection of bathtub paint colours, so you can pick and choose your favourites and mix and match them with the colours you want to use.9.

Baths Bathtub walls with paintbrush watercoloric watercola This is another great option if your bathytub is a little less spacious.

It can be a little difficult to find a good paintbrush, but there are many different options to choose from, so check them out.10.

Bath rooms Bathrooms with bathtuber walls If you’re wanting to add some colour to your bath, it is definitely worth checking out the bathturtle wall painting options, which are available for any price range and can be done in a variety of colours and styles.

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