The ‘Panda of the Valley’ and other cute images: Why the pandas are adorable and you should share them with your friends

You might not be the first to see this photo of the “Panda” as it was first spotted by the Wall Street Journal in June, but if you were to look at it carefully, you’d see that it was originally posted on Reddit.

In it, the Panda has his arms spread wide, his ears pinned down and his legs bent in an “X” pattern.

It’s not clear why the original poster decided to make the post, but it is clear that the pandan was a beloved pet.

“I’ve loved him since I was a kid,” Reddit user bsjb wrote.

“He was the first pandas I ever brought home.”

In addition to being a beloved family pet, the “pandas” were a popular subject for cute art in the years that followed.

In 2016, the American Museum of Natural History made a series of photos of “panda” art and featured a piece called “The Panda of the Land.”

It featured a young man playing with a miniature “pandan” and a young woman holding a “pango” that appeared to be the “child” in the original photo.

The museum said it chose to include the “girl” in its exhibit because it is considered a “common, family pet” in Asia, where pandas were bred for their cute personalities and bright colors.

As cute as the pandans are, it’s not hard to see why they are beloved.

For starters, pandas have been around for thousands of years.

“Pandas were domesticated by humans from around the world in the 1800s and became an essential part of our everyday lives in the twentieth century,” a Smithsonian article explains.

“The pandas we have today are largely the result of centuries of human experimentation that have enriched the world’s flora and fauna with new species and introduced new forms of disease to those that remain.”

They also played a big role in the extinction of some species, such as the Chinese giant pandas.

“It’s no surprise that pandas, like humans, are fascinated by nature and the natural world,” a study in the journal Science in 2014 explained.

“They’re also very cute.”

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