“War paint” ideas: How to paint your nails without a paintbrush

A man has come up with a way to paint nails without any brushes or a paint brush. 

He painted his nails with a paint which he was using to create a war paint.

He also painted them with a liquid which he says makes the nails look a little more shiny. 

The idea behind the invention was inspired by an old paintbrush he had bought from a friend, who also had a painting tool in his hands.

“I bought this painting tool and I put it into my hands,” said the man, who wished to remain anonymous.

“I was going to use it to paint my nails, but I forgot to take it out.

I thought, ‘Maybe it will be more efficient to paint with liquid?'” 

The man had used paint to paint a small number of his nails, he said, but his nails would not be able to fully adhere to the paint and they were beginning to look a bit dirty. 

“So I painted them, but they would not stick,” he said.

“Then I took it out and I used it to spray the nails, and it was very good, very easy to do.”

“The liquid was a lot better than the paint,” he added. 

One day he was looking for a way of getting his nails to stick to his nails without needing to wipe them off.

“And I found out that the liquid is a bit more effective,” he recalled.

“So I bought a paint roller, and I took a paint stick and I hit the nail, and that’s what I used.”

He used the paint to make his nails look shiny, and his nails are now sticking. 

It took a couple of tries, but he managed to paint his nails in less than a minute, he added, adding that it is “probably a bit harder to do, but it’s not a problem”.

“The nail is the glue and the paint is the substance,” he explained.

“You can use liquid to make your nails stick, and you can use paint to put your nails on.” 

“I am a painter, I paint everything,” he concluded. 

(H/T The Jerusalem Report)

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