Painting for sale in London

The best paintings in London for sale for under £50 are now on sale in a special auction.

The artworks, mostly from the 1920s and 1930s, are on display in the British Museum’s Modern Art Centre, which opened in July, for a limited time.

The first auction of the year, which runs until the end of October, will see buyers bidding up to £60,000 for up to four paintings.

Artist-director Sarah Wren, who runs the gallery, said the show “opens a window” into the “modern world of London”, in which the works were “built in the past”.

“We hope this is a step forward for the future,” she said.

It is not clear whether the paintings are from the same period as the work of William Burroughs, whose name is synonymous with the city’s art scene, or from another artist.

“It’s very unusual that these are not all from the Burrough’s collection,” she told BBC News.

“There’s a bit of a twist.

We’re looking at a little bit of an evolution in the painting process.”

The first four works are a portrait by David Sacks, a British artist known for his works of colour and detail.

He died in 2003 and was said to have “an extraordinary life” but is not known to have painted in London.

A portrait of American painter Charles Darwin by Richard Wyllie-Jones was also on sale, but is now in the possession of the London-based art dealer and curator of the Royal Academy of Art.

One of the more unusual pieces is a work by Dutch artist Willem van der Waals, whose “Luther” (the word for “Lucky”) was painted in 1888 in the Netherlands.

In the early 1930s it was one of the most popular works of Dutch artist Pieter Abbeel, who also painted the cover of the Illustrated London News.

And in 1936, it was painted by a French painter, Jean Brouilette, known for being one of France’s most famous artists.

This is not the first time the paintings have been on show.

Last year, the museum opened a new gallery, titled Modern Art London, which features a number of contemporary artists.

It is expected to open later this year.

Sarah Wren said the exhibition “opens up a window”.

It will be sold at a special price for those who have a good collection, she said, but those who do not can pay more than £50.

She said the paintings “reinvented the art world”.

“These are the best paintings from the 20th century,” she added. More:

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