Why we are in the grips of a ‘post-post-truth’ age

It’s been nearly two years since the publication of her book The End of Men, which argued that our cultural and political systems are fundamentally broken, and that men’s equality has long been threatened.

In the past, we’ve been given a sense of hope by the fact that a lot of men’s work was considered socially acceptable, but now, we are told by many that the time has come to stand up against the patriarchy.

The problem is that, as the authors of this piece in Vox put it, “Men are still being told they don’t matter.”

Women and men have a long history of having to fight for our equal rights, but that is no longer true.

And that means, as Vox’s Conor Friedersdorf explains, we have to start doing it in a new way.

The book’s most important conclusion is that the patriarchy, in its current form, is fundamentally broken.

The patriarchy, we’re told, is driven by a narrow group of interests: men.

The idea that this group of men is a monolith and that there is no room for men is simply wrong.

In her book, writer Jessica Valenti argues that there are many different kinds of men, but there is a shared ideology, a set of values and practices, that underpins the patriarchal structures.

For instance, it’s the “brogramming” of women to become mothers that has a big impact on men, Valenti said.

Women who do this often don’t have a choice, but they do.

It’s all part of a long-term strategy of controlling women, and men, she argues, are in that position because they’re not “bodies that belong to another body.”

As the author of this post recently put it: The patriarchy is the very idea of the “man” as the sole provider.

It is the system in which women are not just treated as sexual objects, but as the “other,” “oppressors,” and “unfit for purpose.”

That’s why we have a culture that doesn’t recognize women as people with agency, but instead views them as disposable.

We have a patriarchal system that forces women to be the ones who must sacrifice and sacrifice and take care of the men around them.

And it’s because of that that men have to be constantly on guard.

Women, Valentis argued, must be expected to do everything, and all of the time, while the men, they are not allowed to do anything.

The system isn’t about women’s liberation; it’s about the system being run by men.

That system, Valentines argument goes, is deeply sexist and racist.

And, she continued, the system isn`t just about women; it is about men.

For decades, feminism has been calling out the sexism of patriarchy.

As the Atlantic’s Shana Frasier put it in an article in 2016, “it`s the patriarchy that is the primary source of oppression, and it’s not just men.

It`s women who are in need of our protection.”

This article was originally published on The Conversation.

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The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.

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