When I had a new friend, she told me that she hated window paint.

I thought she was joking, but she was.

This is what we call the window paint hate.

When I was younger, I’d see my friends and we’d talk about how we used to play paintball at a local park.

We’d use a big ball and shoot at the other players.

I would then use a ball to shoot my friends at the same time and we would use the ball to get more paint.

But after a while, we just stopped.

And my friends were just so upset about it.

After a while I started to wonder, Why are we still doing it? 

And so we started to make our own paintballs. 

My friends and I would go to our local paintball league and we bought paintballs and started making our own.

We used to make these big ball paintballs that we’d put on our walls, our windows, wherever we could find some paint. 

The paintballs we made weren’t very accurate.

But we did it anyway.

And then we started playing paintball in the parks we lived in.

So I thought I would try making a paintball for my friends. 

I had a friend named Jessica who had this really big painting business. 

And when I first heard that they were making a painting ball, I thought, That sounds like a really fun idea.

And so I said, What if I try this paintball on my friends? 

But we didn’t have enough money for paintballs yet. 

So I called Jessica and she said, Oh, you guys are just gonna have to do the painting. 

We made a big painting ball that was about a foot and a half long.

And it was about 20 gallons. 

Then I thought about this thing that I had that I was making, and I said let’s do a big paintball.

And I just put it in my garage. 

It took me a couple weeks to make a small ball, but it was fun.

And after that, it was just fun for me. 

In the beginning, we did about 20 balls a week. 

When we started out, it wasn’t too big.

But when we started doing bigger balls, I just started making bigger balls.

And they just got bigger and bigger. 

Now, we’re doing about 200 balls a day.

And our biggest ball now is about 20 feet long. 

There are so many different types of paintball that we do.

And we have a lot of different types in different parts of the country.

So, we have paintballs made in different places, in different states.

And that is just a great thing. 

This year, we are doing 50 balls a month, and that’s really cool because the next year we will be doing more. 

What we have now is a lot more paintball than I’ve ever done before.

So that’s pretty cool.

And people are really excited about it because they’ve seen it in action. 

Here’s a fun fact: Our next big ball is going to be a bigger ball than we ever have. 

At the moment, we don’t have a big enough ball to make the bigger balls that are coming out in a couple years.

So we are just doing 50 more balls a year, and then it will be time to start building up the big balls that we will have in the future. 

 I hope that this will help people get into painting and get out there and be creative.

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