How to paint your life

When you want to paint the life of your life.

Here’s how.

In the last decade, there’s been a surge in painting the face, arms and legs of celebrities.

In addition to a lot of celebrity portraits, there have been some really beautiful portraits done of people in their everyday lives.

There’s a new painting project, the Starry Night Painting Project, coming out this month.

It’s about the artist who created the painting and the subject.

The artist behind the painting is known as Lidia, who’s from Italy.

And in the last few years, she’s been painting celebrity portraits in her studio.

In her latest portrait, Lidia paints the face of the late singer, singer and producer Amy Winehouse.

The face is painted in charcoal, and there’s also an orange paintbrush, which she uses to paint in her mind.

She said that she was inspired to paint her face because she felt so angry when she found out Amy had died.

I thought that Amy was so wonderful and loved so much, and she was such a wonderful person.

So, I think it’s a way to express my feelings of rage, of anger and anger and sadness and sadness at a time when we’ve had a lot to celebrate, she said.

Amy Winehouse in the paintingStarry Night, a painting of Amy Wine, at the Lidia Starry House studio in Naples, Italy, on Nov. 25, 2019.

Amy’s mother, Rita, was in the studio for the last time.

She was in a wheelchair and I was sitting on a chair with my hand in her lap.

I just remember thinking, I can’t believe it.

I could never believe it, and then I remembered Lidia.

Lidia’s father, Giuseppe, is the head of the Italian Museum of Fine Arts.

He also works as a painter.

He said that Lidia’s painting is a kind of meditation.

I think that it’s very powerful and it’s something that you can’t forget, he said.

He said that it captures the emotion of love and friendship and longing.

He was painting Amy’s face when I first saw it.

It was like a moment of love.

When he saw Amy, he thought, Oh my god.

I can feel the tears, the anger, the sadness in that face.

And I think, She’s so happy and beautiful, and it shows the emotions of longing and love and longing and longing that I’ve always felt.

And it shows what love is.

Amy’s mother said that Amy’s painting, like Amy, is about love and passion.

And it shows that love can be as intense as the pain of death.

Amy has this wonderful sense of humor and she is also a wonderful dancer and an amazing singer and she loves all of the people around her and she knows that her music is the most important thing in her life.

And I think she knows how to say it.

Amy said that when she hears Lidia painting her face, she thinks of the first time she got the tattoo of the word “Love” on her forearm, that it feels good.

And when she paints her face with the orange paint brush, it reminds me of the last day of my life.

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