How Jackson Pollock’s Waverly Caulk Painted a Child’s Paintings

Jackson Paintings is celebrating their 25th anniversary with a series of five paintings of children’s cuddly creatures, which are being sold for a staggering $1,000 each.

In their first full-length collection, The Cuddly Creatures, the paintings are set in a family’s home in Waverley, Queensland.

The first is titled The Baby Bears, while the second is The Little Baby Bears.

They are painted with Waverlys chalk paint.

The Waverleys have a small town in Waversley, just south of Townsville, and the paintings depict a child sitting in the back seat of a white and grey VW Bug.

“This is the first time the paintings have been sold to the public,” Jackson spokesperson, Sarah Hinchliffe, said.

“We’re also hoping to sell them at auction, but we’re also trying to raise awareness about the importance of having good quality artworks and a good home environment.”

Mr Hinchriffe said the Waverles had also made a conscious decision to focus on children and young people.

“It’s a very positive place to be, especially given that it’s so small and isolated,” she said.

The artwork is also being sold in a range of colours, including red, pink, green, blue and white.

“I think it’s really about the quality of the paint that we’ve used,” Ms Hinchrill said.

She said the paintings would not have been on sale if the paintings had not been donated by Jackson to a local charity.

“In some ways it’s the perfect thing to do for Jackson,” Ms Littler said.

“It’s very special to be able to donate something to an organisation that’s so deserving.”

In 2014, Jackson painted a series titled The Little Pig, featuring a tiny pig on a white background.

The next painting was titled The Pig’s Little Wish, with the pig on blue background and a yellow bow tied around its neck.

The paintings are all sold individually, but there is a limited number of them.

“These paintings are really great to have,” Ms Wollitt said.

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