How to use paint on a painting

The basics: A brush is the best tool for painting, but there are so many options you can use to add detail.

To help you decide, I’ve put together a paint palette for you to use, with a few handy tips to get you started.1. 

Create a new brush with a paintbrush  2. 

Select a color and add shading  3. 

Adjust opacity to your preference. 


Add a brush stroke with a brush brush tool (you can also use a straightedge or even a paint brush)  5. 

Press OK to remove the brush stroke 6. 

Close the brush tool and add a new one 7. 

Repeat steps 3-6 8. 

You can now paint on the paint palette with the brush you just created, or use the brush as a palette to create your own. 

Check out our tutorial for the brushes we used and other brushes and paint tools we used.

If you want to make more than one paint palette, there are also paint brushes you can buy. 


Paint on your own with a palette (or use a brush)2.

Use the brush to create an image on a canvas3.

Use a brush to add a layer of paint4.

Use an acrylic paintbrush to paint on your paper5.

Paint a solid color on a background6.

Paint the back of your hand on a piece of paper7.

Paint your eyebrows on a black background This is a lot of fun, so let’s get started.

First, get your paint palette ready.

Grab your brush and paint your palette with a white color.

Paint over the entire canvas, not just the edges.

You want to paint around the edges, but not paint the whole canvas.

Pick a color you like.

Select an opacity of 50% and press OK.

Now select the color you want and press Ok.

Repeat the above steps for the other colors, as you add more paint. 

Now, use your paintbrush or other brush to paint over the paint.

This can be a bit of a pain, so start by using the brush on the painting to paint out areas of the paint that are too small or too dark. 

Then, paint over those areas, to make them bigger and more detailed. 

If you do this, you might want to try painting the areas you want the paint to stay on for, such as the top of your head or the underside of your legs. 

Once you’re happy with your paint, you can remove the paint from the palette and add more. 

Here’s a closeup of a layer I added with a small brush stroke:The brush also makes a nice shadow over the image.

The paint is on the backside of the canvas, so you can paint over that with a lighter shade. 

The paint isn’t really needed to create a solid image on the canvas. 

It’s a great way to highlight areas in the painting that are hard to see, or paint out more detail. 

Tip: If you paint over your paint with a straight edge, you’ll need to add some additional layers of paint before the paint finishes drying.

Once you have all your layers in place, press OK to add the brush. 

Next, create a painting on the paper.

I’m going to use this image of a painting done with a black canvas, because it’s a good example of what you can do with a painting palette.

Step 1: Pick a color  Step 2: Add a layer with a color to make it a solid piece of paint  Next we need to pick a color we like.

Pick a shade of black that you like, as it’s lighter than the colors you chose for the painting palette and darker than the brush strokes you used.

Fill in the rest of the painting with black using a black brush.

Tip: Make sure you fill the brushstrokes with a light, neutral color that will blend into the painting.

If you do not have a brush, use a paint paint brush to mix it up. 

Step 3: Add shading Step 4: Adjust opacity to the preference you picked  Now that you have a solid black painting on paper, you want your brushstroke to give a little shading to the image you’re painting on. 

Set your opacity to 50%  Apply a layer masking paint to your brushstroke and make a layer under it, just like we did with the previous layer. 

Fill the layer with black. 

Make sure you blend it with the black.

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