“Cool Paint”

Cool Paint is a new website that focuses on “wall painting” and offers an array of creative ideas to paint.

It’s a curated collection of new and classic wall art, from watercolor murals to street art, that are all created by people who love to paint and share their creations on social media.

Some of the ideas on the site include “Wall Paint: New and Classic,” “Cool Painting: Watercolor” and “Wall Painting: New, Modern and Contemporary.”

You can also check out the “Art” category that features a mix of wall art and sculptures.

Cool Paint’s founder, Ashley Ebert, explained that the site started as a way to get the word out about “the awesome art we can create.”

She hopes to expand the website into a curated, curated collection and a marketplace for creative wall art.

The website currently features about 120 paintings, wall paintings and sculptures, and she hopes to add more artists in the future.

She said she hopes that the website will be useful to anyone who enjoys painting, including art aficionados and artists.

Ebert also hopes that Cool Paint will be able to “make art available to everyone in the community.” 

Cool Paint has two main sections: Art and DIY.

Art is the main section of the website.

You can browse the art, buy it or create your own.

You also can browse galleries of art by artist, tag them, and share it with others.

DIY is where you can create your art and get it made.

Eberts main goal is to get people to make art in their own homes, and for that she has a wide variety of DIY projects on the website, from painting to decorating to decorate and more.

Ebbts art project is a classic “paint it blue” art piece, which she has done for over 25 years.

It features blue painted tiles that she put on her kitchen counter.

She says the original idea came from the time she saw her father’s blue kitchen tile that he painted blue.

It made her wonder how the blue could possibly be blue.

“When I thought about it, it just looked blue,” she said.

She decided to try to replicate the blue tiles that he used and she wanted to be able have them look similar.

Eibens main project is an elaborate “wall paint” that involves spray-painting blue walls on concrete.

She wanted to recreate the feeling of painting something, but instead of painting a wall, she used the paint as a backdrop for her work.

The walls look like a series of circles, and the color of the paint gives it a blue tint.

The painting is a mix between oil paints and watercolors and she uses a spray bottle to paint on the walls.

Eiberts painting has become a viral hit.

The site’s Instagram account has over 17,000 followers.

Ebeert also created a wall art video, which has more than 1 million views. 

“We love to make things and share them with the world,” she told us.

“It is the ultimate outlet for our creativity and we are excited to be part of the community where we can share our art.”

Ebert said that she started Cool Paint as a hobby, and then found inspiration for the website after discovering the art of her father, who painted blue walls in his home.

“We started making art to share our love of painting,” she explained.

“And so, now we are here and now we have been so stoked by the response we have received.”

Ebert said she started out with a small amount of money from her husband, who was also a painter.

“I knew I needed to do something, so I made a couple of friends and started making a website.

Then we started working with other people to start it and it has grown from there.”

Ebeerts business is expanding quickly.

She recently added a second store in New York, and plans to add a third store in Boston. 

Cool Paint’s website and Instagram account is available at coolpaint.com and is being developed by Ebbetts husband, Mark Ebbett, who is a computer engineer by training.

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