Which country has the best coffee?

India has a rich coffee culture.

It’s home to the world’s oldest coffee plantation, and the country’s coffee market is expected to grow rapidly over the next decade.

But for a country that has a history of coffee-related violence, it might be hard to tell which country has a better coffee culture than Ethiopia.

In the country of Ethiopia, coffee is the most widely consumed beverage, with nearly one-third of the population consuming the drink daily.

The coffee boom has given rise to an industry that has exploded.

Ethiopia’s coffee industry has grown by 60% in the past five years alone, according to data from the World Coffee Organization.

The industry has expanded at an exponential rate and the coffee market now makes up over $5 billion a year.

Ethiopia has one of the most successful coffee producing regions in the world, with a population of around 60 million.

The country has over 1,000 coffee plantations, with more than 50 of them producing over 100,000 tonnes of coffee each year.

While Ethiopia has been a global leader in coffee production, its coffee production is only part of its success.

It has also developed an incredible coffee-growing infrastructure.

Ethias vast plantations, including the Gondar and Bani Shira plantations, produce over a third of the countrys total coffee output.

A large portion of Ethiopia’s land is planted with coffee trees, and most of the coffee produced is sold to the United States and other major markets.

The countrys coffee industry is largely run on a voluntary basis, with the majority of the farms participating in the local coffee community.

However, it’s not just the farms that produce the coffee.

Farmers have also set up coffee factories, coffee shops, coffee bars and cafés in the country.

This is the future for coffee, said Nader, a coffee farmer from the Bani Shar district of Ethiopia.

The future for Ethiopia is bright.

The coffee boom is expected, and coffee is likely to become a major business in the future.

However the government is not quite sure how the boom will unfold, or if coffee will be consumed by the population in a sustainable manner.

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