Why the elephant painting in Thailand was stolen

In a village in Thailand’s far eastern Ratchasima province, there’s a common story.

There’s a painting by Thai artist, Elephants Dream, on the walls.

This one depicts a man’s face painted with the words “I’m a man, I’m happy”.

In the background, there is a painted elephant, standing.

And it’s just one of the many pictures of elephants painted in the village.

“There’s a lot of people who live here, so I was always fascinated by elephants,” says Arun Tharunak, the local artist.

“I thought, why didn’t I see them?

Why is there this elephant picture on the wall?”

Tharunsak says he started to paint in earnest, but soon realised there was a lot more to elephants than just their natural beauty.

“People always think that elephants are not interesting, that they’re not beautiful, they’re stupid.

They’re not even worth talking to,” he says.

“The elephant has a lot to offer, it has to do with nature, it’s a symbol, it can save lives.

And if we can save life, we can also save elephants.”

He decided to put the painting in a museum, and asked people to pay money for a ticket to see it.

“Then I went to the bank, and I gave a deposit of about 100,000 baht ($2,400) to the museum.

They said that it was for a painting of a man.

The next day, the elephant was stolen.”

Elephant painting thieves ‘invented’ elephant stealing scheme Read more Tharumsak started taking pictures of the elephant’s face with his camera.

But as soon as he began to take more pictures, he realised there had been a big gap between the man and the elephant.

“They’d gone through several versions of the same image,” he explains.

“It was very obvious that someone had gone through a process of copying and pasting images.

I couldn’t see that, so when I tried to explain that to the people in the community, they just said, ‘You’re just trying to create your own image.'”

Tharumaks family moved from Ratcha and lived in a nearby village, where he painted many more elephants, including the elephant he had in his collection.

He says he was able to pay off the loan, and it paid off the balance of his savings.

But his family didn’t stop there.

“For me, the biggest benefit of my art was that it gave me the freedom to continue working on it,” he tells Al Jazeera.

He continued painting elephants in Ratchamakkam, and in 2012, he got the chance to take a photo of the first of several elephants he had painted.

He painted the elephant, which he named Bambang.

It was one of a number of elephants that Tharumanas Dream painted in Thailand in the early 2000s.

The elephant in question, named Aang, is currently sitting in the middle of the painting, waiting to be painted.

But Aang is just one elephant that Thamransak has taken on.

The artist also has a few other other elephants that he’s painted, including two more named Khao and Dang, which were the first to appear in Thailand.

Tham Ranasak says that his interest in elephants began when he saw a picture of a male elephant in the local museum, but it wasn’t until he visited a local zoo in the countryside that he realised he had to paint elephants.

“Elephants have very strong feelings,” he recalls.

“When I see a female elephant, I just want to paint her.

That’s what I wanted to do.”

And the next elephant he painted was named Koon.

Koon was painted to make the elephant appear bigger, and Tham is convinced he was the first person to do so.

“Koon has a big body, and he’s got a big head,” he adds.

“But he’s not too big, he’s small.

He’s only 6.5 metres tall.”

It took Tham and his wife about three years to paint Koon, and the first time he did it he had no idea what to do.

“At first I thought I’d just take the head off and paint it black and white, but then I realised that that would be too easy.

The way the elephants look, they look like they’re dead, and they don’t look alive,” he remembers.

“So I started to do other things, like put some flowers on them and make them walk.

And I painted a picture, showing the other elephant’s head, and that was how I started getting the attention of the zoo.”

It wasn’t long before Tham’s name started to surface, and soon he had a lot on his mind.

“We’d go out with my friend, I’d take him

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