‘Lad’ online: What it’s like to live as a ‘LAD’

AUSTRALIA’S LARGEST “LAD” online comic has been taken down, amid fears it was being used to lure people in to join online sex parties.

LAD is a website designed to help young people identify themselves online.

It allows users to identify themselves by typing a short message, such as “I’m a LAD” or “I am a LADS”.

The site has been used by thousands of Australians to find a partner online.

The website’s creators say the term “LADS” is a euphemism for “lad” and is used to hide a person’s sexuality.

But an online search revealed hundreds of images of people in sexualised outfits, with the majority of them posted to LAD by the website’s owners.

The images were posted on Tuesday night.

“We have been inundated with calls from parents and young people to remove the offending content from the website,” the site’s owners, The Lad, said in a statement.

They added that they were also being inundated by parents asking for help with their children’s online safety.

While many of the images appeared to be genuine, some were fake.

On Friday, The Lads contacted ABC News, saying the website had been taken offline and would not be coming back.

It said they were working with law enforcement to help them with their investigation.

More: “This is a serious and unacceptable breach of the trust that young people place in us, and we are committed to making sure this never happens again,” The Lad said.

Online sex parties, or LADS, have long been used as an alternative way to meet people online, especially by young people.

AUSTRALIAN LADS LADS live in the “lads club”, a group of friends or co-workers who meet up in a shared space and chat.

One group of young people shared their photos on LAD in a social media thread, calling themselves the “Lads Club” and saying they had been using the website to meet up for sex.

When contacted, TheLads said it would take down the images if the site was not taken down within 48 hours.

As a result, it appears that the Lads Club and The Lad have both taken down their websites, according to a comment on the website.

What you need to know about online dating:Read more:The site, run by a Sydney-based company called The Lad Network, has more than 7,000 members, with many posting photos of themselves posing in front of the internet, some in front a webcam.

Some of the photos are fake.

A Facebook group for members of The Lad network was also created, which posted links to some of the LADs photos.

In a statement to the ABC, the website said it took down the offending photos after receiving a number of complaints.

Members of the group told the ABC that they had taken down the posts because of the concern over the safety of their young members.

“Our concern is with the safety and welfare of our young members, who have been exposed to images of naked bodies, and in particular those in sexually suggestive attire, which are distasteful and potentially dangerous,” TheLad said.

“In light of this, we have removed the offending posts.”

The group also said they would work with law authorities to address the issue.

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