‘Tiny Man’ is the new ‘Big Man’

By Jessica SchreiberPosted February 06, 2019 06:47:20The world of art and craft has changed dramatically over the past few decades, and that’s partly due to the rise of digital and mobile technologies.

Art galleries and museum spaces are now open in the digital age, but many artists have yet to make a permanent home in the physical world.

We’ve already seen the emergence of the medium-size artists, who’ve become a powerful force in the world of the artist, as well as those who are smaller and smaller, like the artists in this article.

In the last decade, a new breed of artists has been born, and it’s these artists that we’re going to examine in this essay.

Tiny man and his work are made of canvas, paper and acrylics, which are often used in combination to create sculptures, paintings and installations.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most notable works of this artist and what makes him so powerful.

Artist and educator John B. Smith is the creator of the Tiny Man sculpture, and his latest project is a work called Tiny Man, which is a piece of art based on the artwork of artist Matisse.

The piece features the artist standing on a chair and using his arm as a brush, drawing on a piece, then slowly moving his arm to a different location, painting on a wall.

Smith said Tiny Man was inspired by his mother, who had a painting of him in her basement.

He said, “I wanted to make something for her because I had no idea where to start.”

He was inspired to use canvas and paper in his art because he loves to paint on canvas, but he also said, he wanted to draw on a real painting.

He added, “You can’t just start with a painting and then start drawing.”

I’m sure the answer to this is that he has.

Smith is a painter and graphic designer who lives in New York City.

In a statement to HuffPost, Smith said that he first learned to paint from his father and grandfather, who taught him how to paint.

In addition to his work, Smith’s other projects include a painting called Tiny, which features an 8-foot tall canvas and a wall of acrylics and paper.

He says he uses acrylics as a medium to make the artwork look like the real thing, so it’s not a painting that looks like a painting.

He said that his work is about expressing the feelings that he feels, and creating the illusion that it’s a painting in itself.

I think that is the essence of what I do,” Smith said.

He described Tiny as “a portrait of me as an artist.”

Tiny’s creator, John B Smith, has spent the last 20 years experimenting with different types of media to create the work.

His works are often based on his personal experiences, and he says that he doesn’t consider his art to be a “work of art.””

Smith said that there are three elements to the work, and each one can be interpreted as a part of the larger work.”

It is an exploration of myself as an individual, and how I see myself.”

Smith said that there are three elements to the work, and each one can be interpreted as a part of the larger work.

The first is the way that the canvas and the paper are used to paint the canvas.

“When you look at the canvas, you’re looking at it in a very linear way,” Smith told HuffPost.

“You see a straight line.

When you look on the paper, you see an arc, and when you see the paper and the canvas on a table, you are looking at a series of concentric circles.”

When you see a canvas that’s a little more horizontal, you might see the circles, Smith explained, but it might also be more vertical.

Smith said, that in his case, it was a canvas on the floor that had been sitting there for 20 years, and the paint was drying on the canvas while the paper was drying.

“I started painting on the surface, and then I moved the canvas around the room, and started painting inside the canvas,” Smith recalled.

“Then I put it back down again and started over again.”

Smith also explained that there is a layer of color and texture that makes the artwork pop.

The first step in creating an artwork is determining what colors you want to use.

“I’m very picky,” Smith says.

“If you’re painting in a certain color, then it’ll look a little bit washed out.

If you’re in a different color, you’ll get a bit more of that natural color.

The last step in that process is making sure that the colors you’re using are not going to be washed out by the paint.”

The second is how the paint is applied to the canvas: “You start by using a paintbrush, and you take the paint off of the canvas with a rag,” Smith explains.

“The next step is to apply the paint and the brush to the surface of the

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