How to Paint the Outside of Your Car – Paint Pens

I have never painted anything on my car, not even a car door, so this paint pen was an easy way to get the job done.

I’m sure many of you have already painted on your car, but I’m going to show you how to get started.1.

Find a Paint Pen that’s Small and Compact 2.

Fill your Paint Pen with Paint 3.

Start the Paint 4.

Hold down the paint button and paint for a few seconds.


Remove the paint.

The paint will stick to the paint pen, so you can paint in your paint box.

After a few minutes of the paint not drying, you’ll notice that the paint has dried and will start to darken.

I have seen a lot of car owners say they painted in a paint box and it was not as nice looking as they had hoped.

If you are trying to make a big splash on your exterior, use a big paint brush to get as much paint as possible.

I’ve painted a lot over the past few years with the big brush.

The brush is a little smaller and lighter, so it takes a little longer to work with, but it’s definitely worth the extra effort.

Here’s a video of me using a brush to paint the outside of my car in a couple of weeks.


Paint Your Paintbox with Paint and the Base of the Car3.

Fill the Paintbox4.

Hold the paint down and paint a little at a time until the paint starts to darkens.


Remove your paint from the paint box, which will still be in the paint container.6.

Using a soft paintbrush, brush some small bits of paint on the door and other areas to give your car a little extra paint to look good.7.

Repeat steps 2-5 until you’ve completed your car.

Now you’re ready to paint your paintbox.

I’ll go over how to paint it and what you’ll need.1.)

Paint the Paint Box with Paint: Paint the paintbox using a paintbrush or a small paint brush.

I prefer to use a paint brush because it’s much easier to work and less likely to leave a mess.

You can also paint your own paint box with a small brush if you’re making a big impact.

When you paint the paint, be sure to let the paint dry completely.

This will give the paint time to dry on the exterior before you spray the exterior.2.)

Paint Your Car: Start by painting the exterior of your car in white, then add a coat of black paint.3.)

Paint over the Interior: Now that you’ve got a solid black paint, you can start to add some interior paint.4.)

Paint on the Doors: You’re going to be painting the doors and trim on your interior.5.)

Paint Over the Interior Trim: Continue painting on the interior trim to get it all in there.


Paint Paint on your Rear Doors:Once you have the paint on your doors and doors, you are ready to go to the next step.


Paint On the Roof: Once you’ve painted the roof, you will be painting it in black.


Paint a Coat of Black Paint on Your Rear Doors and Door Sill:Now that the exterior is painted, it’s time to start adding some interior trim.


Paint in Black Paint:Now you have some black paint on each door and trim.

This will add some contrast to the exterior to help bring out the interior.


Paint Black Paint On Your Door Sills:Here you can get some good contrast between the exterior and interior.11.)

Paint Interior Trims:This is where it gets interesting.

Paint in black paint to make the interior more interesting.


Paint Some Black Paint in the Interior of Your Garage:Here’s some black inside of your garage.


Paint some Black Paint In the Rear of Your Door:Now we are going to add the black on the back of the door so it looks like it’s on the inside.


Paint your Rear Door with Black Paint and Trim to Give it an Off-White Color:Now is the time to add a white paint to the rear of your door.


Paint with White Paint and White Trim on Your Door Door Sutter:Here is a picture of me painting the door door sutter.


Paint White Paint On The Front of Your Rear Door:This would give you a nice, off-white color to your rear door.

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