What we know about the Trump administration’s war on immigration and the DACA deal: The ‘wacky’ president is really pushing the borders open

POLITICO article 2 of 2 The Trump administration is now pushing for a new border wall and a crackdown on illegal immigration.

But while the administration has been trying to persuade congressional Republicans to fund a border wall in order to “keep America safe,” it is not yet clear how much of a wall and what kind of policies would be included.

This has prompted the administration to say that it wants to focus on border security rather than immigration enforcement.

Here’s what we know: Trump is proposing to spend $1.5 trillion over 10 years to build a wall, along with a border fence and other barriers along the southern border.

He also wants to build 2,000 miles of new fencing along the Rio Grande and 3,000 yards of barriers along other sections of the border.

But the administration is also proposing a “new approach” to border security that would require additional border crossings, such as “extreme vetting” and a system that would allow more illegal border crossings to be approved.

In the new plan, the administration would not fund any new border barriers and instead would provide “new border security funding.”

In other words, the Trump plan would include additional border security and border enforcement without funding for new border fences or new border walls.

But this “new strategy” would also require funding for border security fencing.

For instance, the president’s plan would require the Department of Homeland Security to pay for fencing that was built in the 1990s and would be in place for at least 20 years.

But it would not pay for the construction of new fences, including fencing that would have been in place since 2000.

The new strategy would also include a plan to increase funding for an additional 1,000 Border Patrol agents.

But, the plan would not increase the amount of money for these additional agents.

This is a major change in the strategy of the administration.

Previously, the agency that oversees border enforcement was the Department

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