‘What to paint’ advice for artists and designers

What to paint?

What to draw?

What do you want to paint for your next project?

The question of what to paint is getting more and more important as the art world continues to evolve.

It’s not a new topic but many of the best painting styles, colours, shapes and materials have long been lost to the sands of time.

We spoke to the creators behind some of Australia’s best painting ideas and the best advice they can offer.

Diane O’Connor and Julie Smith from the Art and Design Institute of Victoria, in collaboration with artist Edwin Hopper, paint their most popular paintings.

The first painting in this series, “The Night Stalker” is a work by O’Conner and Smith called “The Day the Storm Sunk the Earth”.

It was painted in 2009 and was inspired by a trip to the Arctic Circle by Olin Ruggles, who had gone to the same spot.

O’Connor said it was about a day when there was a storm that had hit the region and the atmosphere was changing.

“When it was raining, there was dust in the air.

We didn’t know how to draw a line,” she said.

She said there was no way of knowing whether the weather was going to change again that day.

Instead, she started drawing the scene in her mind.

When the dust settled, she had a simple concept: she wanted to depict the snow that fell over the city of Melbourne as it changed.

As a result, she painted a snowflake in a circle around the city.

There were two major changes in the artwork.

Firstly, it had to be done with a flat surface to avoid the effects of rain.

Second, it was important to use watercolours, so O’Connors colour palette was limited.

This was a problem for her because she didn’t have any experience painting watercoloured artwork.

“There were only two watercolour artists that I knew of that had a watercolour palette that wasn’t the same as my watercolour palette,” she explained.

However, she eventually found a watercolouring workshop in Melbourne that she liked.

I used the same watercolour as my painting, and that’s what I used for the second version.

In the end, she ended up using watercolors and the techniques used to make them, but she still wanted to paint on a flat canvas.

Her favourite technique was using the brush.

A hand brush is one of the most important tools in painting because it makes it easy to work with your palette.

Diana O’Connell and Julie Shutt have a unique way of drawing.

Their first painting, “Sitting on a Beach”, was the first in their series, called “Hoopers”.

DIANA: I wanted to make something that was going, like, really wild and unexpected.

JULIE: We didn, you know, get a lot of people to come and see us.

I think we had about four people at one point.

It was one of those things where it just went off the rails, you’re like, I don’t want to be doing this.

But I still wanted it to be a little wild and it was just that it had a certain amount of wildness in it.

DAVID: The colours were like, this is what we should do.

But we didn’t do that.

We just got it right.

Karen MacKinnon and her partner Dave Denton from the School of Architecture at Melbourne University, are known for their work as part of the School’s Art Gallery.

Their most popular painting is “A Scandal in Paradise”, which was painted as part a series called “Trying to Be a Scandal”.

The piece, titled “Troublesome”, is about a couple who want to make their wedding dress into a wedding ring.

They paint the picture of a flower in the middle of a river, with a boat floating in the background.

David said the painting was about making a decision.

He said it felt like the couple were making a statement, and not a choice.

And it’s a statement that was just wrong.

What you need to know about watercoloring It wasn’t until she started painting watercolour work that she realized how important it was.

From there, she began to realise she needed to work out the colour palette.

She says this was a huge turning point in her career and she’s still in the process of learning how to do it well.

You need to have a good palette to work in.

It’s a lot easier to paint in a dark room, for example, or in a darkened room with the lights off.

You don’t need to worry about that.

You can just focus on painting and it doesn

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